• We gopher it 4U!Manufactured Products

    If what you’re looking for doesn’t exist, chances are: we can make it for you. We’ve custom manufactured a variety of items for bakeries, restaurants and stores. Whatever you need, let us know! We’ve got a great team standing by ready to build it for you.

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  • We gopher it 4U!Cake Dummies

    Cake dummies: how to have your cake and eat it too. Cake dummies are made of styrofoam and allow you to do everything you’d want to do with normal, regular cake (except eat them). So go ahead, stack them and cover them in fondant and buttercream. They’ll look beautiful and you won’t waste cake.

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  • We gopher it 4U!Pan Extenders

    Looking to back a unique sized cake but you just can’t find the right size? We’ll make the perfect sized extender for you so you can make a cake that’ll rule them all and serve Thumbelina and Goliath alike.

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  • We gopher it 4U!Order Boards

    Keep your order timing organized with our standard 9 clip board, with Monday to Sunday, Special & Hold clips, or we can build custom units to organize anything you can imagine. All made with Food Safe SS material.

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  • We gopher it 4U!Maple Tables

    When you’re opening a new bakery, you need work stations for your staff to use. That means you need to find something that’s going to have the full functionality you’re looking for and fit your space properly. Sure, you could stumble on that perfect item at IKEA or on Craig’s List. Or we could save you the time and trouble and just build what you need.

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  • We gopher it 4U!Metal Tables

    When nothing but the strongest will do. Our manufactured metal tables will stand up to anything you throw against them (and more). Get the exact table you need at just the right specifications today.

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