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A proud culture of service excellence

When we first started in 2014, our office was in a basement and our warehouse was a two-car garage. We built our world up around an idea: to find common-sense solutions for bakeries and deliver an outstanding level of customer service. Since our start in 2014, we’ve helped bakeries, restaurants and stores succeed by changing the culture of supply management.

Bob Bakery World started with just two of us. Today, we’ve got a growing team of specialists (and counting) dedicated to help you find the best solution to your problems. This isn’t a job for us. We’ve had those, and they weren’t fulfilling. This is our passion.

Plus, we have the largest online selection of bakery supplies in all of Canada and manufacture custom equipment when you need a unique solution.

We take the stress and frustration out of supply shopping and simplify the whole experience so you can focus on what you love: baking. Or running your business. Or spending time with your children. Whatever it is you want to do that shopping for supplies gets in the way of. 

Simply put: we gopher it 4U.

A letter from our PresidentThe Bob Bakery World promise.

Greetings Valued Customers               
I would like to welcome you to Bob Bakery World Ltd . As a valued customer I feel it is important for you to get to know our team and our philosophy .

Our Motto is “A Proud New Culture of Service Excellence“ and we stand behind this in every way .

We have between us over 40 years of bakery experience , and can assist all of you with any concern or need . From Equipment  And Small Wares to the latest in Novelties and Decorations we will always strive to meet the needs of Every Bakery . As proud Canadians we support local suppliers whenever possible , granting you access to some of this country's best bakery products–that until now have been kept a secret from the bakers of this country.

 We will also be searching Worldwide to keep our customers on the leading edge of the Bakery World. Our product lines are extensive and ever expanding, and we would be very happy to dig deeper if any of you have specific needs in any of our product categories. 

We believe that every baker is an artist in their own way and every artist has an individual style and focus. We need to give you the supplies and materials for that artistic flair to be fully realized and for the results to make your products so attractive your customers will be excited to come into your store.

We have catalogs from most of our suppliers available on request and our intention is to keep our costs at the lowest anywhere. We recognize your need to be profitable in every way and promise to do our very best to supply you with the materials to keep it that way for many years to come.

Be the artist, we will be happy to assist you in every way.

Bob Briggs

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    We will provide you with superior customer service and competitive margins of discount.

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    We will maintain excellent lines of communication so you’re never left guessing what’s going on.

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    We will proactively seek out new products and market opportunities at all levels, giving you access to the latest trends.

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    We will explore opportunities for sustained business growth nationwide. If we can grow, so can you.

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    We ensure that everything is handled in a safe and secure manner. As a Certified "Food Safe For Canadians" company we take food safety seriously.

Meet the people who are helping you.Our Team


Bob Briggs

Toll Free 1-844-380-4080
Phone  604-380-4080 ext. 120

Manager Sales, BC

Miles Bonekamp

Toll-Free 1-844-380-4080
Phone  604-380-4080 ext. 130

National Sales Manager

Wendy Anderson

Toll Free 1-844-380-4080
Phone  604-380-4080 ext. 190
Direct  587-893-4221

National Account Manager - East

Cara Loncar

Toll Free 1-844-380-4080
Direct  416-899-0444

Manager - Inside Sales

Shannon Briggs

Toll Free 1-844-380-4080
Phone  604-380-4080 ext. 160

Manager Accounting

Adil Mary John

Toll Free 1-844-380-4080
Phone  604-380-4080 ext. 150

Manager - Procurement

Sandra Kessler

Toll Free 1-844-380-4080
Phone  604-380-4080 ext. 170

Project Specialist

Jason Cameron

Toll Free 1-844-380-4080
Phone  604-380-4080 ​​​​​​ext. 140


Seth Rahn

Toll-Free 1-844-380-4080
Phone  604-380-4080 ext. 170

Inside Sales

Leanne Booth

Toll-Free 1-844-380-4080
Phone  604-380-4080 ext. 220

Inside Sales

Tanya Blossom Menon

Toll-Free 1-844-380-4080
Phone  604-380-4080 ext. 210